Armen Evrensel - Development Producer, Production Manager

Armen Evrensel has been writer, director and producer in theatre, film, television and web, including award winning feature films “Zero Sum” (2009) and "Space Milkshake" (2012) with his production company Grey Area Media Inc.


Along the way from producing theater in NYC in 1990s, to working in natural history documentaries, he has worked in development, production, and editorial on productions and publications in journalism, politics, narrative and unscripted TV, science and education, comedy, drama, shorts and experimental works; from no-budget art pieces to IMAX features.


Armen provides River Road films with writing and conceptualization in development, logistics support in production, as well as assisting with post and marketing materials. He is currently credited as production manager of "Wild Canadian Weather" (airing on CBC in 2020).  He enjoys the great outdoors as well as the okay indoors.