Kai Meyer - Researcher 

Kai moved from Germany to British Columbia, Canada in 2013 to pursue his studies in biology. He graduated with a degree specialization in Ecology/Animal Behaviour and completed his research thesis on marine mammals under the supervision of world-renowned scientists Dr. John Ford and Dr. Jane Watson.


At the same time he started working as a freelance marine mammal biologist for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada. Kai has gathered countless hours in the field, spending his summers on research vessels from Alaska to the southern border of British Columbia - working with virtually all marine mammal species in the Northwest Pacific. In 2018 he was a major part of ‘PRISMM’, Canada’s largest marine mammal survey on the west coast yet.


Together with years of TV production experience he gained back in Germany, he now aims to use the knowledge and skills he acquired to advance his career in natural history filmmaking. That’s at least what he is doing whenever he is not watching soccer or diving!

Kai has been working as a story researcher for River Road Films since 2018.