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Sam Ellis - Cinematographer


Sam is fascinated by all forms of  nature and has worked as a cinematographer for BBC, IMAX, CBC, Terra Mater, France TV5, Eden, TV5 Quebec and ARTE.  Most recently Sam has shot for the the CBC series "Wild Canadian Weather" and the latest BBC landmark series: "7 Worlds, One Planet", and "Planet Earth 3".  Sam is experienced shooting with the latest in camera technology from IMAX format, ultra high speed slow motion, multi-axis timelapse and drone aerials.

"My motivation when filming is to make the natural world look like narrative cinema, as I feel this brings an immersive element to the viewers. I believe the best story telling happens when the audience forgets they are watching a film.  I often build sequences on a long lens but my favourite shoots are when you can build trust with your subject. I live for the moments when a wild animal is relaxed in your presence, that’s when the magical moments happen that’s when you can catch a glimpse into their world." 

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