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 About us 

River Road Films is a documentary film production company based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

For over thirty years, River Road Films has specialized in producing blue-chip natural history and wildlife films for worldwide television and cinema release, working with the CBC, BBC, PBS, Terra Mater Factual Studios and many others. 


River Road Films has a legacy of capturing never-before-filmed wildlife behaviour in remote and challenging locations around the world, and shining a light on topics of conservation and unique human-animal relationships. 

River Road Films shoots with 8K RED Helium digital cameras and the Arriflex 65 digital camera and has a solid workflow to produce and post 8K resolution video images. They are one of the only production companies in the world that are currently working this way, creating the highest capture resolution available for TV and film production today. 

River Road Films utilizes the best in new camera technology to  to capture documentary stories in new ways:

  • 8K RED Helium Cineflex gyro-stabilized camera systems for aerial cinematography and use on other moving platforms like boats, cars and cable dollies. 

  • Motion capture time-lapse and hyperlapse photography with high resolution 35MM DSLR stills cameras. 

  • Sophisticated remote capture high resolution cameras to capture hidden and elusive animal behaviour. 

  • Ultra-high speed Phantom Flex cinematography to slow fast action. 

  • Infrared and FLIR thermal imaging for unique night-time behaviours. 

  • Custom built platforms such as remote-controlled aquatic robotic cameras and extreme environment rigging to capture previously unattainable shots. 

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