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 About us 

Integrity  - Experience - Excellence 

River Road Films is Canada’s premiere natural history documentary production company, led by father-daughter team Jeff and Chelsea Turner. Working at the forefront of natural history and wildlife filmmaking for over 30 years, RRF specializes in visually-stunning documentaries that captivate audiences worldwide and inspire awe and respect for the natural world.  With a proven track record producing more than 40 natural history titles for Netflix, BBC, CBC, PBS, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and many others, River Road Films productions have been distributed around the world in 190 countries. 


Innovation Around the World 

River Road Films has a remarkable legacy of capturing many examples of never-before-filmed animal behaviour on screen for the first time. With experience working in remote and challenging locations in over 30 countries around the globe, they bring innovative stories to the screen using world-class field craft and cutting-edge kit. 

Pushing Boundaries

River Road Films pushes boundaries with camera technology and has all the tools necessary to capture any story - no matter what the subject is. Utilizing gyro-stabilized camera systems on helicopters, boats, and cars to keep up with any subject, ultra-high speed Phantom Flex cinematography to slow fast action, infrared and FLIR thermal imaging for unique night-time behaviours, and custom-engineered systems such as remote-controlled aquatic robotic cameras and extreme environment rigging deep inside ice caves or high up in trees to capture previously unattainable shots. 

Storytelling First 

Beyond stunning visuals, River Road Films centres intimate, character-driven storytelling at the heart of every film. From pioneering serialized wildlife-character-led storylines in “Islands of the Sea Wolves” to shining light on the intricate and unexpected relationships between humans and animals in upcoming series “Shared Planet”, River Road Films places dynamic characters and compelling storytelling first.  


River Road Films strives to minimize waste and energy consumption throughout production, by actively exploring eco-friendly production practices, such as sourcing local crew and equipment and booking overland travel options instead of air transport. All productions are part of the BAFTA Albert certification program and River Road Films was also an early adopter of the Producing for the Planet program. Through these efforts, RRF aims to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible film industry.

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