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Ella Van Cleave - researcher

Ella Van Cleave - Researcher 

Ella is a documentary filmmaker and researcher based in Vancouver, BC. Before joining the River Road team, Ella previously worked on programs for the Smithsonian Channel and BBC 2. 

In 2019 Ella graduated with a degree in conservation biology before going on to work in wildlife rehabilitation. In 2021 she completed a Master of Arts in Wildlife Filmmaking at the University of the West of England in partnership with the BBC Natural History Unit where her thesis film, Our Coast, was shortlisted for a Student BAFTA award. 

As a diver raised on the BC coast, Ella has a soft-spot for marine ecosystems and the communities built around them. She cares most about stories that reflect deep connection to place and explore the human communities at the heart of conservation.
Instagram: @ellavancleave
Twitter: @ellavancleave

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