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Jacques Russo

Jacques Russo - DI Producer, Post Production, and Finishing

Jacques is a post producer with over 30 years of experience in the making of award- winning films and media for cinema, television and streaming platforms.

Since 2012 Jacques’s focus with River Road Films has been in the post production and finishing of large format theatrical films and 4K UHD documentaries. As a system configurator he has designed and integrated a unique state-of-the-art boutique-style post production pipeline and facility - CINEMATIK - within River Road Films' production facilities in Vancouver.


Constantly working on the cutting edge of technology and its direct application, the CINEMATIK studio designed and integrated a real time pipeline for the post production, grading and finishing of THE GREAT BEAR RAINFOREST a large screen IMAX documentary shot in 6K ARRI A65 and 8K RED Dragon and released in 65mm IMAX film, IMAX 4K and 4k 3D Laser projection and 65mm IMAX dome format on the largest movie screen in existence worldwide.

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