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Sightings of great white sharks have been on the rise in Atlantic Canada– sparking awe, curiosity, and fear in the hearts of Nova Scotians. Alanna Canaran, a passionate science educator and dive instructor, embarks on a mission to unravel the enigmas surrounding these magnificent creatures and is determined to dispel fear of sharks in Nova Scotians. 


Alanna joins forces with Art Gaetan, a dedicated citizen scientist who is compiling a photo identification catalog of white sharks along Nova Scotia’s south shore. They enlist the expertise of wildlife filmmaker, Nick Hawkins, whose stunning visuals promises to provide an immersive and intimate look into the world of great white sharks. 

As their journey unfolds, Alanna dives into the history of human-shark relationships along the coast. With the help of an archaeologist, she uncovers ancient clues and learns that these sharks have been around much longer than imagined. After meeting with Mi’kmaq knowledge holders, Alanna hears of the deep-rooted connections and coexistence between humans and sharks.

Facing numerous challenges, including elusive sharks and treacherous weather conditions, the team perseveres. With sheer determination and a stroke of luck, they gather invaluable knowledge of these magnificent creatures, contributing to a better understanding of white sharks in Canada. 

With their enlightening journey and mesmerizing underwater imagery, the team shares their discoveries with Nova Scotia and Canada. Through their infectious passion, Alanna, Art, and Nick inspire viewers to foster a harmonious coexistence with these creatures, and embrace the JAWSOME predators that visit Canada’s waters.

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