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Jeff Turner - Co-founder, Producer, Cinematographer 

“It was unbelievably fascinating. It was unbelievably exciting.

Jeff Turner [has captured] the single most remarkable piece of wildlife footage I have ever witnessed.”

                - Michael McCarthy, The Independent, reviewing BBC’s Frozen Planet 

Jeff is one of the preeminent natural history filmmakers in the world today. At the highest levels of production in the industry, he is the complete filmmaker - as comfortable behind the camera shooting or directing actors and crew as he is behind a desk or in the cutting room producing and writing multi-million-dollar film projects. For the past 35 years he has directed, shot, written and produced more than 40 natural history documentaries for the BBC, CBC, PBS, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet and Terra Mater Factual Studios in settings throughout the world. His films have been seen around the world in more than 80 countries. 


Jeff has worked as a producer, director and cinematographer on epic BBC programs such as Planet Earth, Frozen Planet, Nature’s Great Events and The Natural World. 

His other film work includes Grizzly Face to Face (British Academy Award Nomination for Best Cinematography), Frozen Planet (EMMY: Best Cinematography, Royal Television Society award for Best Photography for Documentary) and Planet Earth (EMMY: Best Cinematography). Jeff’s film The Edge of Eden about living with grizzly bears in Russia won Best Film at festivals in US, China, New Zealand, Europe and Canada. 

Jeff produced, wrote and shot an IMAX feature film The Great Bear Rainforest which premiered in February 2019 and is currently in a world-wide theatrical release on IMAX screens around the planet. He won Best Cinematography at the 2019 Giant Screen awards for his camera work on this film. In 2014 he won Best Director for his work on the CBC series Wild Canada and in 2017 Best Documentary for his nature series The Wild Canadian Year at the Canadian Screen Awards. 

Jeff Turner, filmmaker
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