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Louise Ferguson - Producer 

Louise Ferguson is a producer and director with nearly 20 years in the wildlife film industry. She worked her way up through the ranks at the BBC Natural History Unit, finding her niche in presenter-led expeditions, although she has worked in a wide range of formats, from pure natural history, to science documentary, and even has Live OB credits under her belt.


Before leaving the UK, a miniseries which she produced and directed, "Operation Iceberg", won the prestigious Royal Television Society’s “Best Science and Natural History” award, against strong co-nominees such as David Attenborough's "Earthflight”. The series was described as “…primetime science as it should be. Exciting, refreshing and multi-layered, it really made you want to be there.”


This encapsulates what Lou always strives to bring to an audience; a real emotional connection with the subject matter and the chance to travel into the wilderness through the lens. After moving to Canada, Louise joined River Road Films to work as a producer and director on "The Wild Canadian Year" for CBC Television, and then the 2021 CBC miniseries “Wild Canadian Weather”, and more recently on the Netflix series "Island of the Sea Wolves”.   


Lou lives in Squamish with her husband, two dogs and a horse, and enjoys the beautiful British Columbian wilderness in her spare time. 

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