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MOUNTAIN Film Festival




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recent FILMS

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Broadcast on CBC The Nature of Things 2021, available on Gem online

Grasslands - A Hidden Wilderness

Grasslands - A Hidden Wilderness

Canada’s endangered grasslands are home to a surprisingly diverse array of wildlife.

1 X 52 min for CBC and Terra Mater Factual Studios 

Produced, Written and Directed by Alex Burr and Jeff Turner

Editing: Erin Cummings

Cinematography: Sam Ellis, Matthew Hood, Darren West, Derek Frankowski

Music: Robert Neufeld

Sound: Paul Fisher, Ewan Deane

Executive Producer: Sue Dando (CBC)   


Jackson Wild 
World Wildlife Day
Film Showcase 

Great Bear Rainforest - IMAX

Great Bear Rainforest - Land of the Spirit Bear

Journey to a land of wolves, grizzlies, sea otters and the Spirit Bear - the rarest bear on Earth 

1 X 41 min for MacGillivray Freeman Films (IMAX) 

Produced and Written by Jeff Turner

Directed by Ian McAllister 

Editing: Andy Mort 

Cinematography: Jeff Turner, Ian McAllister, Sam Ellis 

Music: Hans Zimmer, Anže Rozman 

Executive Producers: Kyle Washington and Byron Horner 

GreatBear_LandingPage_1300x530 2.jpg

The Wild Canadian Year

A five-part legacy series exploring Canada’s wildlife through the seasons 

5 X 44 min for CBC 

Series Produced by Jeff Turner

Episodes Producers: Jeff Turner, Louise Ferguson, Sue Turner, Chelsea Turner, Jeff Morales

Editing: Jeanne Slater, Tim Wanlin, Kaisa Pitsi

Cinematography: Jeff Turner, Justin Maguire, Darren West, Sam Ellis, Matthew Hood 

Music: Tobin Stokes  

Executive Producer: Sue Dando (CBC) 


Wild Canada 

An epic series that takes place through time and across the vast scale of the Canadian landscape 

5 X 44 min for CBC, Terra Mater Factual Studios & BBC Earth in association with Telefilm Canada  

Series Produced by Jeff Turner, Sue Turner and Brian Leith 

Episodes Produced by Jeff Turner, Sue Turner, Sacha Mirzoeff, Phil Chapman

Editing: Tim Coope, Dave Pearce, Matt Meech, Angela Maddick  

Cinematography: Jeff Turner, Justin Maguire 

Music: Tobin Stokes, Barnaby Taylor

Executive Producer: Sue Dando (CBC),  Sabine Holzer and Walter Köhler (Terra Mater)

Spirit Bear Family

Jeff Turner and his family return to the Great Bear Rainforest to a mother Spirit Bear and her cubs

1 X 60 min for CBC & BBC 

Produced by Jeff Turner and Sue Turner

Editing: Jeanne Slater

Cinematography: Jeff Turner, Jason Sturgis 

Music: Tobin Stokes

Executive Producer: Sue Dando (CBC), Roger Webb (BBC) 

 Spirit Bear Family 

Nature's Great Events: The Great Salmon Run 

Hundreds of millions of salmon journey from the Pacific Ocean back to the streams where they were born

1 X 60 min for BBC 

Produced by Jeff Turner and Sue Turner

Editing: Tim Coope 

Cinematography: Jeff Turner, Justin Maguire 

Music: Ben Salisbury, Barnaby Taylor 

Executive Producer:  Brian Leith (BBC)

A Wolf Called Storm  

The story of an extraordinary wolf - Storm - who leads a pack in Canada's

frozen north that hunts the giant buffalo herds 

1 X 60 min for the BBC and CBC

Produced by Jeff Turner and Sue Turner

Editing: Kelly Morris

Cinematography: Jeff Turner, Jamie McPherson 

Music: Tobin Stokes

Sound: Tony Gort

Executive Producer:  Caroline Underwood (CBC), Steve Greenwood (BBC)

The Last Grizzly of Paradise Valley 

Jeff Turner searches for grizzly bears in the beautiful Cascade Mountains of Canada

1 X 60 min for the BBC and CBC

Produced by Jeff Turner and Sue Turner

Editing: Mike Chichester, Andrew Chastney

Cinematography: Jeff Turner 

Music: Tobin Stokes

Sound: Paul Fisher, Chris Domaille

Executive Producer:  Steve Greenwood (BBC)

Edge of Eden: 

Living with Grizzlies

Edge of Eden: Living with Grizzlies  

aka Bear Man of Kamchatka

 Canadian bear expert Charlie Russell raises orphaned bear cubs in the Russian wilderness

1 X 60 min for the BBC and CBC, 1 x 90 minute theatrical release 

Produced by Jeff Turner and Sue Turner

Editing: Andrew Chastney

Cinematography: Jeff Turner 

Music: David Mitcham

Producer:  Michael Alder (CBC), Neil Nightingale (BBC) 

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